Cow Place


It's been a longtime dream of hers to one day open up a cow sanctuary. Specifically, she would like to open up a sanctuary for cows that have been put through the factory-farm system.


In her teens, she read about the many abuses that intelligent and sensitive animals, like the cow, have been put through in order to become products of our consumption. These stories have stayed with her until today and as a result, it is one of her deepest desires to set a number of these animals free in an environment conducive to their happiness.


Her goal will be to purchase an open plot of land, preferably in the Northern California region by Monterey, and to rescue a large group of these cows to inhabit the land. It is with great anticipation and excitement that she awaits the moment where these animals get to take their first step onto a living and breathing earth, to take in their first breath of fresh air and to nibble on their first blade of grass grown under the sweet sun. Nothing would make her happier than to simply give these beautiful creatures another chance at life.


In order to fund this goal, she has designed a series of cow Tshirts that will be available for sale here soon:

(Coming Soon!)