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Each year, an overwhelming number of marriage separations surface across nations around the globe, and according to author, Shani Chen, that is one of the greatest tragedies to affect mankind. In her own words, she states: "I want to tell the world that having a successful marriage is not hard. It may be hard at first, but it's not meant to stay that way. It gets easier and is completely achievable... as long as you have the right mind-tools." She is driven to help others succeed in an area that has proven to be so difficult for so many because she simply cannot bear to see families broken up and love stories shattered when it could all be prevented so easily.

If Nuns Were Wives is a book that shows the everyday woman how to have a fulfilling, loving, dedicated, and successful marriage using a perspective that might surprise you—the perspective of a nun. Chen was once an aspiring nun who is now married. She discovered that the skills she learned in preparing to enter the nunnery are actually applicable in a marriage.


In an unconventional way of delivering relationship advice, Chen takes you on a journey into the monastery—transcending dogma and religion—and makes the role of the American wife the new holy temple for relationships. Using simple and easy-to-understand language, she guides you to not only find peace in your home, but to be utterly adored and revered by your spouse.

Why Do Marriages Fail?

Every year, an overwhelming number of marriage separations surface across nations around the globe. But if people are so deeply in love when they marry, then why do marriages fail?

The answer lies here: each person carries an incredible amount of emotional baggage, trauma and wounds accrued since childhood.


In the dating process, these afflictions are not as noticeable and do not often rear their heads. But when two people are made to live with one another in a small space and to interact with each other on a daily basis, all of the manifestations of their past trauma come pouring out. Oftentimes, people do not have the necessary means or tools to address these painful problems and the relationship becomes irreconcilable.

Meet Shani Chen

Shani Chen knows that any marriage can be saved no matter what state it is in.


Also dubbed The Married Nun, Shani Chen has found a unique antidote for treating marriages that are in trouble. She took everything she learned from the nuns over the course of almost two decades, and translated them into the home setting.


With the same tenacity that the nuns used for spiritual practice, she used for marriage and found that every single problem in the home can be solved.


She was once an aspiring nun but has now acquired numerous years of experience in marriage, relationships and the home life. She is also the author of If Nuns Were Wives.

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